Frequently Asked Questions:

A designer has to evaluate the determining system parameters such as signaling rate, cable length, single-ended or differential (balanced) signaling, point-to-point, multidrop or multipoint configuration, noise margin, flexibility, and costs.
Specific equipment, machine structure, and environment.
Unshielded or shielded (taped, braided, or combination of both)?
Round or flat? Coaxial, multiconductor or twisted pair cable?
To reduce electrical noise from affecting the signals and to reduce electromagnetic radiation that may interfere with other devices.
A braided or served shield is recommended to ensure good isolation between the signal lines and the environment.
Multiconductor cables are cheaper and easier to handle than twisted pair or coaxial cables, especially in terms of termination.
The twisted pair cable is recommended since it provides two identical conductors to transmit the signal and its complement.